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Abstracts OPEN

April 2021

Abstracts OPEN

Abstracts CLOSED

15 June 2021

Abstracts CLOSED


23 July 2021


Learn, innovate and share with colleagues by being a part of what promises to be
an engaging and memorable 2021 program.

On behalf of the 2021 Scientific Program Committee, we invite you to submit abstracts for possible inclusion in the 2021 Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID) Conference to be held over two days in November, on Friday 12th and Wednesday 17th November 2021.

The conference theme is “Reconnecting” – Challenges for Human Rights in Times of Change. We invite submissions of relevance to the overall conference theme for consideration.

Session Types

Abstracts submitted should fall into one of the below 3 session types:

  • Lived experiences of intellectual disability
  • Reflection or descriptive accounts of a service model, quality or an issue
  • Research or evaluation (with data)


Submission Portal Now Closed

You are required to note a preferred presentation format.
The committee may request that you consider an alternative format.
Presentations will be allocated to the program taking into account author preference and balance of the program.


Presentation of a paper (up to 20 minutes) followed by 10 minutes of questions. Usually scheduled with similar papers within a named stream during concurrent sessions. Papers should present new information and extend current knowledge. This type of presentation is best conducted by a single presenter.

Formal Submission Requirements – Max. 250 word structured abstract as per the Abstract Requirements.


This format is ideal for presenting preliminary results of work in progress or for projects that lend themselves to visual displays and representations.

A poster is a visual medium used to communicate a key idea related to research: it presents that idea in a graphic way. It should stand on its own, be self-explanatory (but also enable conversations with viewers).

We recommend an 16:9 ratio poster in PDF. Your ePoster should be less than 20MB.

Formal Submission Requirements – Max. 250 word structured abstract as per the Abstract Requirements.

Submissions are due by 15 June 2021

Submit via the presentation portal on this website (see box above).  Please see the sample template.

PRESENTATION and POSTER abstracts should include:

Abstract Component Description
Title No more than 25 words. Title clearly articulates the proposed presentation.
Why this topic is important and novel
Provides background information on importance of the research/topic, has a statement of purpose, what this is contributing to the knowledge base.
A description of what was done
Provides a summary of the methods used to collect and analyse any data presented, and if relevant, the participants involved in the study.
What happened or what was found
Should have a summary of results obtained as a result of the implementation of the research/project/investigation.
What does this mean and how might others use this information
Includes the significance, the potential impact and the implications of the research.
  1. Prepare your abstract
    Prepare your 250 word abstract text as per the Abstract Requirements.
  2. Enter your contact details
    Go to the Abstract Submission Portal (above) to enter your contact details.
  3. Enter Presentation details
    For each abstract you submit you will be asked to enter the following information:
    Presentation format
    Session Type
    Name/s of author/s
    Affiliation/s of author/s
    Indicate the presenter
    250-word abstract (cut and paste the abstract text into the relevant field)
    Short (50 word) biography of the presenter

All abstracts received will be reviewed and selected by the program committee. They will determine if abstracts are accepted as oral or poster presentation format with consideration given to the author preference and program balance.

Authors (or the person submitting on behalf of the author) will be notified via email regarding the status of their abstract.


It is mandatory for all presenters to register for the conference and pay the appropriate registration fee.

Presenter FAQs

For assistance with recording your presentation and guide to presenting online please visit the Presenter Toolkit.


You will not need to download specific software to participate in the event.

We’ll send you a web-link prior to the commencement of the event which gives you access to our online conference system called OnAIR, which is where you’ll watch and participate in the conference.


  • Works most effectively when using the Google Chrome internet browser.
  • Integrates with Zoom which is fully embedded in a personal and secured environment.
  • Provides full online support before and during the event for attendees, speakers, session chairs and exhibitors.

It is recommended for optimal use of the platform to access the OnAIR portal on a desktop computer or laptop and in Google Chrome.

Click the below image to install Chrome.

Please ensure your connection speed is 2 Mbps upload, 4 Mbps download or better.

You can test your Internet connection speed at SpeedTest.net.

If you have any technical questions prior to your session, please contact mail@conferencedesign.com.au.

Our policy stipulates that at least one (1) presenter for each accepted abstract must be registered as a delegate for the conference.

If presenters remain unregistered, the presentation may be removed from the program.

If multiple co-authors are planning to attend the conference, each co-author must register individually. For panel presentations, all panelists are required to register.

If you have submitted an abstract and wish to withdraw your submission, please contact mail@conferencedesign.com.au.

During the Conference

You will need to use a laptop or desktop computer to present online, DO NOT use a mobile device or tablet.

Your presentation must end within your allotted time. If you run overtime, your presentation will automatically end, and your audio will be muted. All sessions will be moderated and you will be warned that your time is almost up and then the sessions will be stopped at the end time.

For those submitting a pre-recorded session, video duration must be no longer than the time specified in the submission process. You will be asked to submit an edited video to suit the prescribed time if what you have supplied is too long.

We strongly encourage you to test your camera and microphone settings prior to the start date of the conference. You can reset/review your internet browser permissions for your camera and microphone. For example, in Chrome, you can click on the small lock icon to the right of the URL to check on these settings. Make sure you know where to find these settings before the first day of the conference.

When you share your screen during your presentation, attendees will see exactly what you see. This means you will not be able to use the presenter view setting in PowerPoint unless you have multiple monitors and can manage the screen sharing settings easily. For ease, we recommend you have your notes printed or a separate device.

Online Presentations

Presentations (live and pre-recorded) will be available to registered delegates for viewing in the ASID Online Portal following the conference. Any additional files authors choose to share, as well as any live Q & A / panel discussions will also be available to view post-conference. Access to the portal will be password protected and limited to conference registrants.

If presentations are to be used or published in any other format or forum, your specific consent will be requested. Please ensure you have permission to use any images, music or content within your presentation. If you do not have copyright permission, your presentation will not be able to be used or published. Do not include any images copied from the internet. Getty Images and other image agencies crawl the internet looking for images that have been copied without the appropriate licenses.

The inclusion of your presentation in the portal or used in an alternative publication will not affect your ownership rights. Neither the conference committee nor Conference Design will acquire the ownership rights of your presentation.

During the registration process, delegates must acknowledge and agree to the virtual conference Terms & Conditions, which include strict rules around unauthorised photography and recording of conference material. While these measures can be taken, we cannot enforce this rule in an online environment. The assumption should be made that participants may indeed take unauthorised photographs, screenshots, audio or video recordings, therefore you may wish to adjust the content of your presentation accordingly.

Presentations in the portal are available only to view and cannot be downloaded.