Conference Hubs

Conference Hubs

The Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID) is a peak body in intellectual disability that promotes research to inform and influence good practice and policy to achieve a society where people with intellectual disability are afforded the same rights and opportunities as everyone. For many years we have run an annual conference, rotating throughout Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Recent ASID Conferences had an increased attendance of people with intellectual disability. So while we are very excited that we can still run this event in an online format, we are aware that an online platform may not be as accessible for some people with an intellectual disability. Barriers may be due to lack of required IT, difficulty with the process or understanding the content, and a sense of isolation arising from an online presentation.

To address these issues and make the conference as inclusive and meaningful as possible for people with intellectual disability, the Board is encouraging organisations to host a Conference Hub. This will mean that people with intellectual disability will have the option of either registering and joining in the full conference from home, or joining with a small group of other people with intellectual disability in a hub.

Download the documents below for further details and guidelines for hosting a conference hub.

For more information, please contact Bernadette Curryer
Ph: 0409 242 885