Our recipe for inclusive research

Mrs Felicity Crowther1, Ms Hannah Beinke1, Ms Rachel High1, Ms Rebeka Touzeau1, Ms Mary Whitford1, Ms Genelle Markham1, Mr Corey Hooper1, Ms Chloe R1, Dr Fiona Rillotta1, Dr  Dean Whitehead1, Professor Ruth Northway2

1Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, 2University of South Wales, Pontypridd, United Kingdom

Co-researchers with intellectual disability and a PhD student have formed an inclusive research team (est. December 2018). The co-researchers have joined the inclusive research team so they can learn more about research and have control over what is researched. The overall aim is to consider how an inclusive research team can work together. The inclusive research team will share their recipe for good inclusive research!

The inclusive research team (n=8) have held fortnightly Research Skills Meetings over 6 months. The focus of these meetings has been about getting to know each and what each of us brings to the team, learning what inclusive research is and how we can do research together. Learning these things together will help the inclusive research team design and undertake their own research project as their next step.

The inclusive research team have learnt that each team member brings their own strengths to the team and the team have begun to connect and find friendships with each other. They have also found that the way the team is learning together is working.

People with intellectual disability are capable of being involved in research. Being involved in inclusive research allows the co-researchers to show others what they can do. By sharing what they have found out they can help others to do inclusive research.


We are an inclusive research team from Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia. Our inclusive research team members are Hannah Beinke, Rachel High, Mary Whitford, Genelle Markham, Corey Hopper, Chloe R, Rebeka Touzea, and Felicity Crowther. Our team has been working together for almost a year now learning all about research and planning our own research project. It’s important to us to show others what people with intellectual disability are capable of and being part of the inclusive research team gives us the chance to do this!

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