Making services safer and more respectful

Ms Peta  Ferguson2, Prof. Sally Robinson1, Ms Marianna Codognotto2

1Flinders University, , Australia, 2Disability Services Commissioners Office, Melbourne, Australia


  • People with intellectual disability (self-advocates)
  • Supporters
  • Researchers

We did a project to find out about how disability services could be safer and more respectful. We had a big team. It included 3 community researchers with cognitive disability. There were also people from uni and from the Disability Services Commissioner. We found out a lot about what helps people with intellectual disability to be safe in their services, and to feel cared about. We also found out a lot about what needs to change.

People shared their ideas with us in lots of ways. Some people came to music workshops and made songs. Some people talked to us in interviews. Some people filled out surveys. We talked to people with intellectual disability, families, staff and managers.

This workshop talks about our project in a way that is easy for people with intellectual disability to understand. It will also help you think about how the ideas from the project might fit into your own life. It will be run by Community Researchers with cognitive disability and their supporters. There are two parts to our workshop.

In the first part we will tell you about what we found out in our project from people with intellectual disability. Our Community Researchers will talk about:

  • Different ways that people with intellectual disability had a say about safety and respect
  • What helped people to feel safe and cared about in their services
  • People’s ideas about how things could be better.

We will show a video about some of the great ideas.

In the second part of the workshop, we will do some activities together.

We will find out about what helps you to feel safe and cared about in the services that you use.

We will talk about how we can make things better together.


Peta Ferguson is a Community Researcher for the Disability Services Commissioners Office. She is a strong self-advocate, and  was the Chair of Brain Injury Matters for eight years.

Sally Robinson works at Flinders University.

Marianna Codognotto works at the Disability Services Commissioner.

These three women were part of a big team of people who worked on this project together. They worked to include people with disability every step of the way.

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