More than just a poster boy – making sure people with intellectual disability have choice and control of how they are represented in communications

Ms Lisa Clarke, Mr Ben Alexander, Rachel Spencer1

1Council For Intellectual Disability, Surry Hills, Australia

Participants will learn

  • The importance of respectful communications of people with intellectual disability (PWID)
  • How to ensure informed consent happens
  • How to create respectful social media posts

An inclusively run workshop will allow participants to learn how to include PWID in sessions.

This workshop will appeal to a wide audience; researchers, service providers, government agencies who utilise PWID in their work and communications. PWID and supporters will also find this useful to understand the importance of consent, choice and control.

PWID are used in many communications but they are often under informed about the purpose of the communication and how it will be used. PWID are often not paid or appropriately acknowledged.

CID Comms Officer, who produces quality, respectful communications of and with PWID will ensure people gain knowledge and practical skills in

  • Informed consent and how to get this
  • Acknowledging and reimbursing people
  • Co-designing stories
  • How to take and use respectful images to highlight an issue, project, or research
  • Social media tips and tricks such as #hashtags and tagging others

People will gain hands on experience by taking photos, drafting copy and posting live from the session. People will also be able to put their skills to use throughout the conference #ASID2019

Self-advocates from Inclusion Australia member organisations will share their personal perspective and staff will be on hand to help people with the practical components.


Rachel Spencer is the Senior Manager of Inclusion at Council for Intellectual Disability. Rachel previously worked for the Intellectual Disability Rights Service. Currently studying Masters of Human Rights Law, Rachel recently supported Australia’s civil society delegation to the United Nations and is passionate about the right to accessible information like Easy Read!

Ben Alexander is an Inclusion Project Worker at Council for Intellectual Disability. Ben’s increases awareness of inclusion for people with disability in workplaces and the community. He believes everyone has the right to a good job and a good life. He is a passionate sports fan (go Roosters) and CID’s Trivia Master.

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