Emotional wellbeing and PBS for caregivers and people with disabilities who display behaviours that challenge

Dr Nick Gore

Emotional and mental health contexts are increasingly recognised within a PBS framework with a number of emerging interventions to support the wellbeing of both people with disabilities and caregivers. Nick Gore will present a conceptual model that provides a practical analysis of these variables for individuals and a service-wide model for considering staff supports. Participants will have an opportunity to consider approaches they may take to supporting good mental wellbeing for all in the context of supporting people who display behaviours that challenge. 


Nick is a clinical psychologist, senior lecturer and researcher at Tizard Centre University of Kent. His work focuses on supporting children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, together with their families and staff teams. Nick has a special interest in early intervention, behavior that challenges and development of a Positive Behavioral Support Framework. He has produced a range of research, conceptual and practical publications in these areas, helped to develop and maintain stakeholder networks and the implementation of PBS in the UK and Norway through workforce development and policy initiatives. Nick is the lead developer for the Early Positive Approaches to Support programme for family caregivers, co-founding member of the PBS Academy and a member of the Sharland Foundation Developmental Disabilities Research and Impact Network.

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