My experience of self-directing my own support

Mr Michael Mooney1

1NDIS participant, Reynella, Australia

This session will share the lived experience of a person with disability who is now supported under a self-directed model, as compared to a previous traditional model. Michael has an intellectual disability and is supported to make good life decisions by his family and Circle of Support. Michael also has his own small business where he grows seasonal vegetables and herbs for sale at local shops and businesses.

Through the Self-directed Support model, Michael was supported by CLP to build his capacity and confidence to create a personal life vision and to understand and articulate his needs and goals. Michael has been able engage and lead a small group of workers who were personally selected to match his needs, interests and aspirations for the future.

Michael has built his capacity and skills to identify ‘best fit’ for workers to meet his individual needs and to recruit and lead his day to day support. The group of workers are building their capacity to self-organise and deliver support specific to Michael’s needs and vision. Together they are enhancing Michael’s independence through building his roles, capacity and confidence. Michael’s future is being safeguarded through supporting and strengthening his informal and freely given relationships.

Self-directed support assists people with disability to build a real sense of purpose in their life, a range of valued roles and the realisation of meaningful goals. Strengthening the leadership skills of individuals, their family and informal network builds greater safeguards for the lives of vulnerable people.


Michael Mooney has lived in his own home for 25 years at Reynella. Michael is a keen gardener and runs his own business, Greens2U, selling fresh fruit and vegies at local outlets. Michael enjoys Classic Cars and spending time with family and friends.  Michael enjoys music and movies, and has a load of pets ie a menagerie!

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