Twitter School!

Aine Healey1

1University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Ever wanted to use twitter but was not sure where to get started? Come along to this session where you will learn twitter basics & tips. Discover how you can use Twitter to learn, connect, share, and create change. Bring your laptop or mobile device so you can start straightway!

(And if you are a twitter pro, please come along and share your skills with someone starting out)


Aine has a long history of working in partnership with people with disability, and combines those skills with strengths in network development, communications, campaigning, collaborative partnering with government and non-government agencies, and systemic advocacy on issues of importance to people with a disability and other community groups. She leads Ideas Info Action, is part of an inclusive research team at University of Technology Sydney and supports some grassroots movements with developing skills in community organising and campaigning. Aine likes to make things (info, organisations, processes, communities) inclusive. Find her on twitter: @ainehillbilly

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