1CHART – Implementing electronic paperless medication management

Ms Prudence Lennox1

1Idea Services IHC, Auckland, New Zealand

IDEA Services is leading the way within the NZ disability sector by nationally implementing a paperless electronic medication management system within residential services.

A phased approach will be undertaken to implement in over 700 houses, to over 2000 People We Support. Engaging with hundreds of GP’s and Pharmacies, this is the largest implementation of the software to date.

The 1CHART system delivers an efficient end-to-end electronic solution that incorporates a doctor prescribing, the Pharmacy dispensing and a Support Worker administering to the Person we Support. A central database and real time reporting will support continuous improvement in medication use and administration.

Adoption of this software will:

  1. Ensure a consistent approach to electronic medication prescription, dispensing and administration in all IDEA Services residential houses
  2. Electronic medication charts are accurate at all times and any changes to charts are made by Dr or Pharmacist directly into 1CHART system
  3. Reliable monitoring and reporting from central database that will enable analysis of polypharmacy and PRN medication usage
  4. Transparency and visibility of medication management remotely from any location

The presentation will share our experiences and learnings with the sector and how this technology will improve outcomes for the People We Support.


Prue has been working in the nursing profession for over 20 years across UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia & NZ. Prue has held senior leadership & management positions for over 15 years while also remaining clinically focused. Prudence has a focus and specialty in the home & community disability support sector.