An evidence-based frontline practice leadership training resource

Dr Lincoln Humphreys1, Professor Christine Bigby1

1La Trobe University, Australia

Research has demonstrated that the strength of frontline practice leadership is an important factor influencing the quality of support provided by staff to people with intellectual disabilities living in group homes. The tasks of frontline practice leadership are conceptualised as falling into 5 domains; 1) focusing staff attention on quality of life; 2) observing, giving feedback, coaching staff and modelling; 3) allocating and organising staff support; 4) facilitating teamwork and team meetings; and 5) supervising the practice of each staff member.

An online training resource about frontline practice leadership was developed by the Living with Disability Research Centre at La Trobe University with funding from the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. The program drew on the evidence about the domains of Frontline Practice Leaders developed from a longitudinal study of group homes in Australia as well as research from studies in the UK. The material is designed to be accessible and comprises video clips of practice and exercises to illustrate the skills required for Frontline Practice Leadership.

The resource is designed for frontline supervisors, service managers and experienced support workers. There are six training modules that provide information about how to perform the five tasks of Frontline Practice Leadership.

The resource can be used for in-house training, individual study or in-team discussion. See This presentation will preview the resources and provide an opportunity for questions and discussion about their content and use.


Lincoln is a Research Fellow in the Living with Disability Research Centre at LaTrobe University and a Lecturer on the Masters of Disability Practice course. His research interests focus on quality of support and culture in group homes for people with intellectual disabilities.