Easy Read at CID

Jemima Macdonald1 & Pamela Darling1

1Council for Intellectual Disability

Human Rights are rights that everyone has.

These are things like the right to:

  • Learn new things
  • Make choices
  • Have information you understand.

There are rules that say people with disability have the same rights as everyone else.

These rules are in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability.

CRPD for short.

The CRPD has rules about the right to get information you understand.

We call this accessible communication.

There are rules in the CRPD about accessible communication.

They say business and government need to give information to people in different ways.

Australia has signed the CRPD.

That means we need to follow the CRPD rules.

At CID one way we make information accessible for people with intellectual disability is Easy Read.

This presentation talks about:

  • Why we do Easy Read
  • How we make documents Easy Read
  • Who does Easy Read at CID


Jemima MacDonald holds a bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology, a Master’s degree in Developmental Disability, and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Jemima has worked in the disability field for 13 years in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Canada. She has worked in a range of areas in the disability space such as Research and Evaluations, Social Inclusion, Sexuality, Inclusive Higher Education. At CID Jemima leads a team of Easy Read Translators, designers and testers. She also facilitates Easy Read training for external organisations. Jemima is passionate about the right to accessible information for all people, so that they can make choices, and live a full life.

Pamela Darling has been working at Council for Intellectual Disability for 3 years as an Inclusion Projects Worker. Pamela has worked on many different projects at CID including in employment, health, and inclusion in the community. Pamela has been testing Easy Read documents for over 2 years. She is passionate about Easy Read because she believes everyone has a right to information in the community.

Pamela is passionate about everyone having the same rights and opportunities especially women. Ella has spoken a lot about how important it is for people with disability to have employment including on The Drum on the ABC. Pamela loves meeting new people, experiencing new things and travelling to new places. She also loves baking and cooking with her favourite recipe being cheesecake.