Poster | Guidelines

Thank you for submitting a poster to the 2021 Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability Conference.

The following guidelines and resources are designed to assist with the preparation of your poster.
If you have queries please contact

Posters will be PDF documents included in the Poster Gallery on the ASID Online Platform.

Delegates will be able to access and view the posters from 1 week prior and 3 months post conference. There will be no dedicated poster viewing sessions, however with delegates able to view the posters at their leisure, they will be able to ask questions via the text Q&A function which you can answer at your convenience. Delegates will also be able to request to meet with you online to discuss the poster in further detail should they wish.

Presenters are required to upload their poster as a PDF file via DropBox no later than midnight Friday 15 October. This will allow us time to check your file, request resubmission where required, and prepare your poster for the online conference portal.

Please ensure your poster follows the below specification:

  • 16:9 ratio landscape in PDF
  • Less than 20MB


If you have any concerns about preparing your poster or providing your file to us by the deadline please contact






Prepare your poster using the software you feel most comfortable with.  The most popular program tends to be Microsoft PowerPoint.

We recommend a 16:9 ratio landscape poster in PDF. Your ePoster should be less than 20MB.

Posters need be provided to the Conference Managers in PDF format.

Visit the Poster Toolkit for more information.

DUE DATE: midnight Friday 15 October

Posters must be provided to Conference Design:

  • In PDF format.
  • As a single file. Multiple files will not be accepted.
  • Submit via the Poster Dropbox link.
  • Files to be named: presenter name, day, session and time of your presentation (Firstname_Lastname_Day_Session).

If making changes, always ensure to upload the latest version. Each upload is stamped with date/time so we will only use the latest version uploaded to the system.

Failure to submit your poster by this deadline will result in your presentation being withdrawn.

If you will be participating in the conference from within your workplace, you will need to ensure that your workplace firewall does not block access to the streaming platforms of the sessions and networking functions. You should check access with your IT department as early as possible as it may take a few days or weeks for your request to be processed.

Below is a list of all the streaming platforms that may be used during the online conference. Your IT department will need to whitelist these programs to enable you to access the online events.

*These are not weblinks and cannot be tested through pasting them into an internet browser

  • AirCast
  • Vimeo
  • Twilio
    • The IP addresses used for Twilio REST APIs are highly dynamic, and span a large range, so it’s impractical to list each of them. Instead we recommend you allow all outbound HTTPS traffic to any * subdomain
  • Vonage

Please note: If you are accessing the platform using Google Chrome, then you should experience no issues gaining access to the online conference portal from within your workplace. If the above sites are not whitelisted, then your organisation may block access to the streamed presentations and conference sessions and you will not be able to watch any of the sessions.

If you have any concerns about accessing the online conference portal, please email

Presenters will have access to the online conference portal approximately One Week before the event. We recommend presenters log in early to:

  • Familiarise yourself with the portal
  • Check your poster information including your abstract and biography
  • Upload a photo of yourself
  • Familiarise yourself with the Live Q&A feed
  • View your poster and ensure the correct version is uploaded

Remember you MUST use a Google Chrome browser to access the platform.  This is the browser the technology has been designed with and some elements, especially presentation elements, will not work through other browsers.